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PEF Board Meetings

The Polaris Educational Foundation meets monthly. In a short amount of time we cover fundraising, budgets, new initiatives, parent ideas, events, teacher requests, playground safety and more.

Our meetings are run like traditional board meetings. We confess they can be a bit overwhelming compared to a traditional PTO meeting, but we do a whole lot more than a traditional PTO.  We will put out an official schedule for the 2017-2018 school year shortly, but our next meeting is August 3rd at 7 PM at Polaris Charter School.

We strongly encourage all parents to participate in at least a few meeting through the year. While we openly and actively take and look for feedback in all forms from parents year round, being part of the meeting process is truly important in seeing everything in the works at the school and with the PEF. Once your child is enrolled in Polaris, you are instantly considered a member of the PEF and are welcome to join in and fill vacant board positions even if your child has not started school yet.

We confess, we have been a bit amiss at updating our meeting minutes. Would you like to volunteer to help keep them up to date?

Recent Highlights:

  • This year the PEF funded safety bollards outside of the school playground and is working with the Polaris board on new safety initiatives for the 2017 -2018 calendar year.
  • This year teachers will have new laptop carts to keep valuable equipment safe and to reduce the trip and fall worries from multiple cords in the classroom.
  • The PEF has planned some great fundraisers and events for the year. A full year of events will be available at the Back to School Celebration. Committee members are needed for both fundraising and events.
  • A new sandwich board was purchased by the PEF to help communicate events and special dates to remember for parents in the school carpool lane to help keep busy parents aware of what is going on at the school.


PEF Meeting Minutes:

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

June 2016

2015 – 2016 School Year Meeting Minutes

2014 – 2015 School Year Meeting Minutes

2013 – 2014 School Year Meeting Minutes

2012 – 2013 School Year Meeting Minutes



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