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Together we can do more!

The State of New Hampshire funds Charter Schools at Half the rate of District Schools. The way we keep our school strong is to bridge the gap between the limited state funding and our actual needs. To get an equivalent, Polaris-style education at a private school, you’d pay over $13,000 a year. Donations to Polaris Charter School and Polaris Educational Foundation bridge the gap and funding and make the school shine!

What is the difference between donating to Polaris Charter School and Polaris Educational Foundation?

When you consider that Polaris Charter School has a 1 to 16 teacher ratio PLUS educational assistants, compared to a 1 -25+ student teacher ratio in many local public schools with nearly twice the funding, it is easy to understand that Polaris Charter School that Polaris is very good at doing more with less. Donations made to Polaris Charter School are very important. These funds go to the general school operations and savings for larger, or unexpected needs down the road.  Your direct donation to Polaris Charter School is very important to supplement a very fiscally conservative budget, and it truly does make the difference in allow the school be a competitive in recruiting and maintaining talented teachers and administrators. Your direct funding keeps the school from falling into deficits that many charter schools experience.

Polaris Educational Foundation funding is all the “bells and whistles” that support the mission of Polaris. You can expect that your money donated to the PEF will support Polaris in the calendar year it was donated. This funding is parent directed and is used for what is not in the school budget. The PEF supports everything from the classroom folders kids bring home with their work to the bounce house at the Back to School Celebration and everything in between.  In today’s competitive world, top grades and academic advancement are not enough. The PEF works with the school to build the community and show real world collaboration and introduce kids to new concepts in exciting ways to ignite the passions that may one day be their future. We provide the field trips, experts, enrichment coordination, school events, supplemental school materials and more that makes the school year extraordinary.



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