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fundraiserWhy do we need a Fundraising Committee? Did you know that in New Hampshire, charter schools are funded at about 40% of the rate that district schools receive?  Some of the things that the PEF raises money to pay for are:

  • Field trips
  • Equipment and classroom resources for the school
  • Improving and maintaining the kid’s play space
  • Providing in school and after school enrichments
  • School events and community building activities

We work each year to come up with fun fundraisers that are easy to participate in and don’t involve buying lots of products you and your friends and family don’t use or need.   In addition to these fundraisers, we have ongoing year-round programs to support our school, including the Stars of Polaris program, Scrip, and Amazon Smile. Scroll down for more information about the ongoing fundraisers.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Upcoming Fundraisers:

Piece of The Pie Raffle

Starting at the Back to School Event! Win your favorite class a PI day celebration, a gift certificate towards a pizza pie, a gift certificate for cherry or apple pie, whatever kind you choose, or win a free slice for the student of your choice for the entire year of school pizza Fridays.

Choose which piece of the pie you want to fund: enrichments, STEM supplies, events, comfy reading nook furniture and books, field trips, and more. Your $2 raffle donation will go towards what you choose!


Mark your calendar! Our fifth Annual Auction will be Saturday, March 24th.  This year, we’re making it bigger, and more fun!  The evening will include dinner, dancing, and a live band.  Stay tuned for more details!

Ongoing fundraisers:

SCRIP Gift Card Purchases 

You can help raise money for Polaris just by shopping!  Join our Scrip program.  Scrip is buying gift cards and using them like cash at places you already shop or dine, and for every card you buy, Polaris gets a donation. It takes a little time to set up, but if we got more parents actively using this program towards things they already buy we could eliminate another fundraiser in the year. For more information, Go to our Scrip Page. For more information, contact our scrip coordinator, Melissa McCann.


Stars of Polaris supports both current school expenses and future capital expenses.  For more about the Stars program, check out our Stars of Polaris page.

AMAZON SMILE will donate 0.5% of the price of your  eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the PEF.  Follow this link to sign up. If you pay for Amazon purchases with scrip certificates, we get a double whammy!

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  1. […] z There are so many ways to help support our school, some (like scrip) won’t cost you any more money than you’re already spending.  Some, like our new North American Power program ( will actually save you money!  Check out all our exciting Fundraisers at […]


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