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Piece of the Pie Raffle at the Back to School Celebration!

Choose your piece of the pie to fund, win a pie inspired prize

PEF Funds are always parent directed, but what better way to direct funds than to let you choose exactly which piece of the pie your donation goes towards?



Raffle Tickets are $2. Each piece of the “financial pie” we are raising funds for will have its own bucket. Choose which piece of the pie you want your donation to go towards.

A winner will be chosen from every slice with instant prizes at the Back to School Event and tickets will be combined to choose the big winner during the second week of school.

Grand Prizes:

1 slice of pizza pie for the entire year pizza is served on Friday for the Student of your choice

A PI Day Celebration on PI day for the classroom of your choice with $100  for your teacher to plan some special food and activities (prize can be split to two classes)

School Event Instant Prizes

Smell like Cherry Pie with a gift certificate to Bath and Body Works, Buy a pizza pie with a Domino’s gift card,  enjoy a stay-cation and order a pizza pie to the Homewood Suites to enjoy after a dip in their indoor pool, win 2 weeks of free pizza pie at school and more!

What if I am not going to the event?

Tickets are $2 a piece. If you want a chance to win  the instant prizes but won’t be at the event, e-mail us how to contact you if you win and you want the money divided to then send a donation via Paypal using the link on our home page for the total amount you want to spend, put RAFFLE in the comments. we will fill out your tickets for you and hold your prize if you win. Raffle purchases not specified will be dropped in buckets at random. If your prefer to wait…We will send out forms to pay via check or cash the first week of school for those who want to participate and earn the big prizes.

What pieces of the pie are we funding?

  • STEM Classroom Supplies Microscopes, petri dishes, measuring devices, building supplies, calculators, chemicals and more!


  • In School Enrichment Activities Bring the classroom to life and support classroom learning with industry experts and project based supplemental materials. Funds are teacher directed in used in line with the current curriculum.


  • Teacher Wish List (classroom supplies) Money will be pooled and used to buy bigger items on the teacher wish list, each classroom will get funds and items to be purchased as soon as the fundraiser ends.


  • Playground Safety and Portable play materials. Funds to keep the cushion on the mulch and keep chalk and jump ropes in ample supply (a new fence is already in the works)


  • School Events  Support great events like the Back to School Celebration, the North Star Dance and help us build the school community.


  • Field Trips The PEF spends over to $2,000 annually on transportation to provide real world learning opportunities outside the classroom.


  • Teacher Planning and Training  School is a half day on Wednesday for students, but teachers are still at school learning and planning. Money collected will be used for teacher educational materials, professional training, and tools necessary to implement new school initiatives into the learning experience.


  • Books and Cozy reading nooks Make classroom reading time extra rewarding with comfy cushions to stretch on and brand new books to dive into.


  • Director’s Budget Relief Fund  This fund will be for use in the 2017-2018 school year for anything that the Director feels important or urgent, but is not in the budget. It will allow the Director to respond immediately in times of a school wide pencil shortage, call for extra janitorial hours during a flu pandemic, or repair a broken teacher laptop without sacrificing something else to stay in the budget or going to the board for more funds. Any funds not used at the end of the year will go towards new furniture, computers or appliances on the school wish list.


  • Command Central Funds- Mrs. Sherwood’s Office is the triage for all wounds real and imagined. As command central moves downstairs, we want to set her up for success in getting what she needs to do the toughest job in the school. This fund will go towards snacks for rumbling tummies, band aids for cuts and scrapes, soothing seating, widgets to help control the classroom fidgets and other things needed when a break from the classroom is necessary.

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