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Student Advisory Board and Student Ambassadors

Polaris Charter School is full of great potential leaders. So many of our kids have the heart and willingness to contribute and make a positive change that we wanted to start programs to help guide them and get them involved in the school community. As a result we are launching the Student Ambassador Program and the Student Advisory Council. Kids can opt to be part of one program or both. Acceptance is guaranteed but a form is required to enroll.  Both programs will be focused on mentorship, empowerment and inspiring positive change.

Applications and more information were e-mailed on July 29th. If your child is interested in this program and did not get the information with application sent to them please contact and we will send out more details, application and their first leadership training module!

 Who Makes a Great Student Leader? Is my child right for this program? It is simple. If a student wants to be a leader and shows the initiative to take on the role of a leader they are ready to join. Students don’t have to be perfect in all regards to start. Both programs are about learning teamwork and what it means to be a positive role model.

Who will be accepted?  Every child who applies or attends the meetings will be accepted. Administration may at some points in the year discuss behaviors that don’t fit the role of a Vice President or Student Ambassador as a learning tool. Students who are consistently not demonstrating core values and leadership may be asked by the school administration (not the PEF) to step away from their role as Vice President or Ambassador for a period of time to work on reaching their full potential before returning to the position.

Our first meeting for both programs will be August 3rd at 6 PM. Kids are welcome to bring a snack and even wear comfy pajamas if it is later than they are usually out. The meeting will be one hour. We highly encourage kids who are available to come to this meeting to help us prepare for the Back to School event. Family time in summer does come first and we have a process for Student Ambassadors to start without a meeting. Kids who want to be on the Student Advisory Council can join in our September meeting. Ambassadors can join any time, but the Back to School event is a very important one and we encourage them to join in as soon as possible


Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

  • Want to be a proactive mentor to others
  • Don’t mind meeting new people and introducing themselves
  • Are proud of their school
  • Are willing to wear a Student Ambassador badge and answer questions
  • (see application for more details)

Student Advisory Council

Would your child like to work on leadership skills? Would they like to be the Vice President of Pizza, The Vice President of Advertising? Students will start picking their Vice President Titles but there will be plenty of room to choose new roles in our meeting late September.

This year the Student Advisory Council will

  • Run bake sales at school events
  • Track their own finances
  • Some members will help with school pizza Fridays
  • Create advertisements for school events
  • Assist in box tops and ink recycling program
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Be good role models for others by showing service and leadership
  • Collectively decide how to spend $250 on the school
  • Vote on and help plan the student choice event in the spring
  • Take a small role in volunteering at events
  • Help create decorations for events

As this program progresses we are hoping to do some special Student Leaders events that are fun and encourage teamwork, to bring in leaders from the community to share some tips and much more.

Parent Volunteer Mentors

We currently have a parent and a few supportive roles set up but given the amount of mentorship required to make this program everything we hope it can be we encourage all parents to consider volunteering for this program and helping out!

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