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Things we could really use right now!

The PEF works with the school to try to procure items or services that they need. While every year donations contribute to the biggest needs a big helping hand can push us a long way in progress! We work with what we have but sometimes we find the answers to our problems are right within our community.

The School and several teachers have an Amazon Wish List for smaller items that are in need and things for individual classrooms. All teachers have the option to build a wish list but this is just getting started! . School Wide Wish List  Gilbert Fesh Haynes



handy personspeople willing to come in when it works in the schedule to help with minor repairs as our “go to guys/gals” have dwindled, if you have bit more time…many teachers wish they had better storage in their classrooms and a person with skill is needed to make our small school fit all the great resources teachers like to provide. If you are handy and are willing to do a few minor things or participate in a “fix it” night please let us know! Contact

Bean Bag Chairs – as you know many of our students can be found learning anywhere but the traditional desk. Many of the teachers are looking for bean bag chairs to supplement the traditional classroom chair. If you have lost your loving feeling for your Luvsac and it is clean, pet dander and smoke free we can certainly find it a home. New ones are also very welcome.

A library Mentor- We have several students eager to reorganize the library, but we could really use a parent/chaperone to come help guide them along the way and make the library a more usable space during the lunch and recess hour.

On Command and Ook Hooks-teachers getting ready for the classroom love having extra hooks that come off easily or that are easy to mount into the wall.

Large Construction paper- all construction paper is welcome but the larger 11 X 14 sheets (or bigger) are often in short supply because they used very frequently.

Duct tape- any size color, quantity. You would be amazed and inspired with what teachers and kids can do with a roll of this stuff!

Box tops- Last year the school (with help of a prize) received $800 in funds from Box Tops. Those attending the Back to School event are asked to bring their supply. We absolutely welcome our neighbors and greater school community to save those Box Tops. Box Tops can be mailed to PEF, 100 Coolidge Ave, Manchester, NH 03102.

Copy Paper -There is $0 in the supply budget for paper or printed materials for the school. We welcome copy paper of all brands, and get a bit tickled when someone thinks to send a color or some fun prints to help brighten assignments.

a refrigerator UPDATE! Thanks to the effort of Polaris Parents a refrigerator was found, delivered from Northwood, NH and cleaned to be ready for the school year in less than 48 hours of being posted!

free or discounted off site storage space- The PEF has a very small closet for all the enrichment items, event supplies, documents, and more and the school has very limited space. We are contemplating moving our storage off site but want to try to stay on budget. If you happen to have a location clean, dry commercial location and could offer free or reduced price rent and reasonable access times we would love to hear about it.



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